It's high fashion we're after with a twist.

We look it... We feel it... We reap the rewards. But shhh... the prices are our little secret.

Let's Wink to that!

Where Are You Going For Your Fashion?

If you are looking for fashion then you need to know that fashion is where you find it! With that said, where are you looking for your fashion? If so, where are you looking? What does where you look say about you? Does it say that you’re fashionable and know what time it is? Does it say that you spend money on clothes that you like and to heck with what everyone else thinks? Does it say that you are chasing fashions that are already aging before you start getting into them? Does it say that you only have a limited budget to try to express yourself because you only have enough to buy a few outfits?

Getting control of your image has a lot to do with how you answer these questions and more. The answer may not be in spending a ton to look like everyone else, but rather in finding a look that will look for you before anyone else does. Where can you do that better than right here at the Wink boutique? Nowhere!

Save Money & Buy Big

Often the best way to save money is to take advantage of deals available to customers that buy a certain number or dollar amount of products. The first thing that usually goes from the buying equation are the shipping and or handling fees, and that can often be one of the biggest markups that goes completely unnoticed. The next thing that you can usually save on is the 2 or 3 plus discount where getting a few of the same items can result in better deals, though this can vary by the product, season, and what you’re ordering from.

The cool thing is that, between us, you don’t always have to order the same color or even size of the same item! Be sure to call and ask! You could get a few variations of the same outfit and perhaps even save money with a friend. You could get a BB Dakota palmer sweater in a small size, another for your tall girlfriend, and perhaps get a discount to split and nobody has to be the wiser! Now that’s smart shopping! That’s Wink!


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