What is Wink?

If you’ve been hearing about Wink but were not entirely sure what it is, then you are not alone. Wink is a boutique clothing purveyor that is often associated with trend setting and great value for a few very good reasons. One of the best reasons for both is that Wink is not a huge brand name that is well known in about 8 trillion countries! It’s something that is known in a handful of circles by those that are in the know. If you are in the know then you are probably already shopping at Wink!

If not, what are you missing? Well, you could be missing out on some truly great deals and some fashions that are truly unique. Is that something you can afford in any sense of the word? Not just the financial sense of the word, but also the fashion sense. After all, how much could you afford to lose from bad fashion?! What if a new relationship never blooms, that special person never says hi and comes over to meet you, a job offer is never made, or something else, simply because of looks? It happens! But that doesn’t mean go right out to the most expensive and outlandish fashions being forced upon the masses by the big name brands. Instead, just wink!

Do You Wink?

IIf are already Winking, then you know what I’m talking about but if you don’t know then you should learn the basics of Winking. What is Winking? Winking is buying the latest fashion trends before they become trends. Winking is saving on comfortable clothing that is as unique as you are. Winking is saving on shipping by buying smart and getting exactly what you want. Winking is shipping with Wink, the most popular boutique shopped by those in the know.


Do You Know Winkers?

So you may be new to Wink, but nobody has to know. The question you should ask now is whether or not you know other people that are Winking. Chances are really good that you do, and that could spell even more value for you if you know how to shop smartly. Here’s how you do it to save and win:

Step 1 is sit down together and decide just how you two plan to shop. See if there are any overlaps. Are you both seasonal shoppers? Do either of you know others that might go in on this shopping spree? If so, let’s move on to Step 2!

Step 2 is getting an order together. Buying it all at once is a great way to save money and get everyone what they want without any muss or fuss. Best of all, you’ll move right to step 3: Shop and save!

That’s right, everyone will save when you buy more and if you coordinate you might even start your very own fashion trend. All it takes is a little coordination and it beings with nothing more than a Wink.


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